December 4, 2022


Why Is It Important For JC Students To Take H2 Chemistry Tuition

Why Is It Important For JC Students To Take H2 Chemistry Tuition

An estimated 15,000 secondary students enrolled in junior colleges in the year 2017 is according to the 2018 Education Statistics Digest. These students can choose between the arts of the science stream, selecting combinations of H1 and H2 subjects for their chosen subject. In contrast to high schools, such as H2 Chemistry, Maths and General Paper, junior college students face the overwhelming task of learning more advanced and systematic subjects.

Many students seek tuition, acting as supplementary education funding, to help with their studies. However, there are few tips and tricks to enrol in tuition centres that a student can learn to support their learning. Therefore, this article will address the difficulties students face when taking up content-heavy subjects such as H2 Chemistry and clarify the advantages of H2 chemistry tuition.

When they take up A level/H2 Chemistry, what are some of the key challenges secondary school students face?

Material is becoming more in-depth so that learners can no longer rely solely on textbooks or notes to memorize. H2 Chemistry is a challenging subject that introduces students to a more advanced chemistry syllabus that stumps even the top chemistry scorers for O levels more often than not.

One of the key difficulties faced by secondary students is that material becomes more logical and focused on the deduction, as these students are forced to apply what is learned and not merely memorize it.

Why Is It Important For JC Students To Take H2 Chemistry Tuition

What is the advised practice routine to study A-Level Chemistry? Will it help to do as many practice papers as possible? And why or why not?

Although there is no sure-fire practice routine for studying A-Level Chemistry because every person has their preferred approach to studying, it has been proven that the practice routine that Seb Academy’s chemistry tuition centre encourages all its students to follow is successful.

Since students are often overwhelmed by a lot of material to review, as the syllabus is undoubtedly comprehensive and very in-depth, it is recommended that students begin early and learn to be consistent in their studies.

Therefore, students are encouraged first to study the principles and then try practice papers afterwards. They are encouraged to learn how to cross topics and apply principles learned throughout learning to ensure that students do not simply memorize the content. Quality naturally beats quantity for a subject like H2 Chemistry; productivity is calculated not by the number of practice papers completed, but by the quality of questions answered.

How does getting a tutor in chemistry help students conquer these difficulties?

That being said, tutoring, particularly for a content-heavy subject such as H2 Chemistry, has become an essential tool in helping students better understand the syllables. Since students have to take up a combination of topics, all of which are relatively heavy and content, a common problem faced by many is the time constraint. Students who cannot exercise good time management refuse to allocate sufficient time to review the entire syllabus in time for A’s levels in some instances.

As such, helping to break down or simplify material to present it in a more “digestible” way for students is essential for tutors.