July 6, 2022



Vote no on school bond

Vote no on school bond

This responds to Jack Milburn’s recent NDN regarding the $106 Million school bond – the largest expenditure in Newport history – that voters are being asked to approve.

As a Middletown Town Council candidate and Citizens Exploring School Unification member, I find Mr. Milburn’s assertions regarding Middletown’s position on school unification misleading and baseless.

Referencing information provided by supporters of a unified high school, he states, “all their claims are unsupported by facts” – but then fails to reference such facts.

Ironically, he then says, “I do agree it would be a better school if it were regional.” Here I agree with him.

It is a fact that the majority of Newport Council and School Committee candidates and all new Middletown Town Council and School Committee candidates support a study of the many benefits of regionalization, should the bond fail. So why rush the bond vote? After all, shovels don’t have to be in the ground until December 2022, 26 months away. Plenty can change in Middletown (and Newport) in 26 months, particularly given the uncertainty of the pandemic.