September 24, 2023


Upcoming DJ Gear Ideas: What options Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S11 will most likely have

Upcoming DJ Gear Ideas: What options Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S11 will most likely have

In our latest Upcoming DJ Equipment series piece, we’re taking a seem at the probable new struggle mixer from Pioneer DJ: the DJM-S11.

Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S9 is a a great deal-beloved mixer amongst scratch DJs. Nonetheless, arguably even extra loved was the late DJM-909, which showcased a touch screen and considerably further management. The DJM-S9, which “replaced” the 909, is a a lot simpler mixer made for very intuitive manipulation.

DJM-909 fans, nonetheless, are in luck. Pioneer DJ not long ago teased a new scratch mixer with a launch day of October 15, which most likely may have a screen among other points. This concept serves to predict what they will release next.

As we glance to that start date in just a several days, we have put together a notion of what we’d assume the new equipment to appear like.

Editor’s Be aware: we ready this conceptual piece without any unique advance know-how of the new DJM coming out this 7 days – it’s just what we believe is coming. The mockups are expertly Photoshopped, not genuine solution photographs.

Identify/Type Element: DJM-S11

Clearly, a complicated screen-equipped behemoth like the 909 and a simplified intuitive struggle mixer like the S9 are two pretty various beasts. Therefore, this hypothetical mixer would not serve as a “replacement” to the S9 so a lot as a manufacturer new entry to the Pioneer line. With that, we’ll make an educated guess that it’ll be titled the DJM-S11.


Upcoming DJ Gear Ideas: What options Pioneer DJ’s DJM-S11 will most likely have

The hypothetical DJM-S11 would have a central touch display, identical to the a single located on the Rane 72 mixer. The S11’s display could be utilised for Serato waveforms, interior configurations, and more touch Forex. The current Rane 72 mixer has a identical screen, managing learn Forex and providing waveform readouts. The DJM-909 also experienced an Lcd contact exhibit for Forex and environment control.

The S11 notion screen has 6 various modes:

  • Utility, which delivers a combination of waveform and other Serato details like essential and sync
  • Waveform, which presents a fullscreen see of Serato waveforms
  • Search, which demonstrates a tracklist and filters
  • Forex, which grants manage over more XY Forex
  • Prep, which presents manage around cue points and conquer grids
  • Menu, which can be utilized to improve the mixer’s options

Impartial Pad Modes

This is one particular of the major problems consumers have about the DJM-S9. In its place of standardized for each-deck pad manner buttons, the S9’s pads all share one established of mode buttons. A lot of DJs this sort of as myself are accustomed to obtaining different modes on diverse decks, which can be a bit problematic to get used to with the S9.

Devoted Mic/Aux Controls

1 of the largest convert-offs about the DJM-S9 is the deficiency of accessible AUX enter controls. Two line/mic-degree switchable AUX inputs is a need for numerous cell DJs in the sector for a fight mixer. When the S9 does have AUX inputs, their acquire controls have been put on the back again of the device. The DJM-S11, getting larger than the S9, has space for acquire and twin-band EQ controls for the AUX inputs.

Magvel Upfaders

Pioneer DJ can make the great Magvel crossfader – a favourite of quite a few DJs. Nevertheless, their non-Magvel line faders are fewer than superb, and many scratch DJs that use them will crack them many situations a yr. The S11, currently being a larger and consequently a lot more highly-priced mixer, must have Magvel line faders with adjustable stress. This progress would also let the S11 to contend with the Rane 72, which presents Mag 4 line faders as properly as crossfaders.

In which does the DJM-S11 match into the industry?

The hypothetical DJM-S11 would concentrate on two plans: a Pioneer counter to the Rane 72, and a proper successor to the DJM-909. The 909 was, and is, beloved for its in-depth structure centered all around a contact display. The Rane 72 rather assisted to restore this variety of scratch mixer just after the 909’s discontinuation, but Pioneer has even now but to release a suitable successor.

Hence, ex-Pioneer lovers of the 909 have mainly shifted to Rane, producing Pioneer to drop clients. It would be an economically practical conclusion to launch a counter to the Rane 72 with a much more Pioneer-esque fashion, thus restoring lots of consumers for the business.

And the value?

The hypothetical S11 would probable cost nearer to $2,000, putting it on par with the competing Rane 72. The S9 may possibly also see a slight rate drop as properly as it loses its flagship status. If Pioneer finishes up pricing their new mixer way too high, nevertheless, it may fare poorly due to more cost-effective solutions from Rane existing.

The struggle mixer market place sorely desires new merchandise. The identical three most important mixers (the DJM S9, and Rane’s 70 and 72) are basically the only feasible selections for scratch DJs. The rather large scratch and cell DJ market place shouldn’t be confined to three principal solutions, and extra competition among big models Pioneer and Rane would profit the market place as a whole.

We’ll see what Pioneer DJ arrives out with on October 15. But in the meantime, we’ll be below speculating…

What would you like to see on the DJM-S11? What did we skip that you believe will unquestionably be integrated? Seem off in the reviews down below.