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Star Wars Lightsaber Book: Creator Reveals Character Details

Star Wars Lightsaber Book: Creator Reveals Character Details

The book cover.

The e book protect.
Impression: Insight Editions/Lucasfilm

Star Wars supporters are about to get a e book all about lightsabers and they have Harry Potter to thank. It’s referred to as Star Wars: The Lightsaber Assortment, a slick, extensive-structure, hardcover ebook that options unique photographs and data on nearly 60 distinct lightsabers in the Star Wars universe. None of which would’ve occurred if not for the boy who lived.

“Insight Editions had posted a past book named The Harry Potter Wand Collection and so that is the inspiration for this book,” Lightsaber Collection creator Daniel Wallace told io9 over the phone lately. “[It’s] internet pages and webpages of the wands that ended up developed for the films, which are quite comprehensive and pretty one of a kind. And then the clear thought was, ‘Oh, you could probably do that with lightsabers, right?’” Certainly. Of course, you can.

Scheduled for release Oct 20, the 156-site guide does not characteristic each saber in Star Wars heritage, but it does contain most of them, from all accessible media. So the sabers from the films, of study course, but also the animated shows, comedian publications, online video online games, and extra. When Wallace, who’d formerly published Star Wars publications like The Jedi Route, E book of Sith, and The New Crucial Guideline to Droids, came on board, there was by now a master list of sabers becoming regarded.

“It went back again and forth simply because there’s only so several that we could deal with in there,” Wallace claimed. Of study course, there are several legendary movie sabers that experienced to be in there, but swiftly all people understood if the e book was wholly extensive, it would develop into monotonous. “There are a whole lot of ones created for the prequels for the members of the Jedi Council. But some of them are quite very similar,” Wallace claimed. “There’s truly a style to some of them. So it was like, ‘Well, you know, we want to exhibit a ton of variation.’”


This saber is from the VR game Vader Immortal.
Impression: Insight Editions/Lucasfilm

That is how sabers from all the other mediums finished up generating it in, from the video clip game Jedi: Fallen Buy, which was just becoming introduced as Wallace was writing, to the VR recreation Vader Immortal, all the way to The Higher Republic, the new period of Star Wars storytellingwhich was originally going to commence months in advance of this reserve, in August, but now won’t be out till January. That signifies The Lightsaber Selection all of a sudden turned an unofficial, unplanned preview to a full new Star Wars saga.

“Everything heading on in 2020 threw a wrench into [The High Republic], so perhaps we ended up lucking out a minor bit with that,” Wallace claimed. “But I consider it will work as a nice setup for that era, as well. This e-book presents a feeling of the type of that period. [Stellan Gios’ saber] seems to be like a picture-true hilt in this guide and, as this kind of, I assume it conveys a sense of the magnificence of [The High Republic].”

All of individuals picture-serious illustrations, from the sabers to the people, are a critical ingredient of the ebook as nicely. Lukasz Liszko illustrated the lightsabers and Ryan Valle illustrated the figures. Their work, and collaborations with the groups at Lucasfilm, aided set a important tone for the job. This e book would just take lightsabers extremely very seriously.

“This wasn’t a guide about the Jedi and it wasn’t a ebook about the Force,” Wallace said. “It was especially a e book only about lightsabers. So that was actually pleasurable, I assumed, due to the fact the limits of it, the laser aim of that direction built it a lot more interesting.”


The saber of sabers.
Picture: Insight Editions/Lucasfilm

In that concentration nevertheless, Wallace discovered something relatively vital. When various of the sabers experienced hundreds and loads of substance on them, from videos and comics to producing of publications and far more, lots of of the sabers did not. In simple fact, some sabers have been only partially visible because they had been generally included by a hand in a single comic panel or two. That established some challenges but helped the reserve broaden its scope a little bit. The create-ups would include details about in-universe mythology as very well as authentic-world layout and qualifications.

“It was a equilibrium, but it was I feel the objective was much less about equilibrium between individuals two things and extra about what is awesome,” Wallace clarified. “Sometimes it is in-universe much more, like who created this and why did they carry it? And then at times it is more about style and the happy surprises of building a little something.”

For illustration, Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber has offers from Liam Neeson about choosing his saber on the set of The Phantom Menace. Asajj Ventress’ two entries— one from her days as a Padawan and a different as an assassin—have rates from actress Nika Futterman about the character’s motivations. For anything older and improved recognized, like the Skywalker saber, there are estimates from established designer Roger Christian about the literal creating of it. And anything we haven’t witnessed a lot of, like the saber of the wookiee Gungi from The Clone Wars, focuses extremely significantly on the story the place the saber seems, since there isn’t that much more to convey to.


A person of the book’s more recent sabers.
Image: Insight Editions/Lucasfilm

If the e-book has a web page devoted to Gungi’s saber in The Clone Wars, as well as operates that aren’t even out yet, of course, The Lightsaber Assortment goes deep. Sifo-Diys, Cin Dragllig, cursed sabers of Darth Atrius deep. At one particular issue, there ended up even discussions of the sabers supporters can make at Savi’s Workshop at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge getting involved, which they are, but only an explanatory chapter on structure. As well as, the reserve is very up to day, even including a several of the new, far more mysterious sabers these as Rey’s and Leia’s from The Rise of Skywalker. For those while, there was only so considerably Wallace could say.

“[The events of the movie] ended up all I had to work with at the time since there undoubtedly could be a lot more lore to arrive with that,” Wallace speculated. “But if so, it wouldn’t be the form of things that would be spoiled by a reserve like this. It would be tied up in the much larger storytelling project.” 

A e book like this, although, is very remarkable on its personal. It will please admirers of deep Star Wars mythology, as properly as actual Star Wars heritage, all while celebrating just how significantly the galaxy significantly, much, absent has occur. “One detail that I was considering about was I didn’t want it to solely be a prop reserve,” Wallace claimed. “Star Wars is broader than that. It’s a multimedia saga. And so we preferred to include things like bits of the multimedia.”

You can seize a copy of The Lightsaber Collection here.

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