July 6, 2022



Hide your Kindle Shame with this circumstance that appears to be like like a Genuine reserve

I adore ereaders, but standard guides are improved.

I’m not expressing Kindles and the like aren’t worthy of your time, far from it. They are astounding. Just take, for illustration, my Kindle Paperwhite. It keep hundreds of books, so I’m never at a reduction for a little something to go through. The backlight usually means I can devour novels in lower-mild. It’s simple to maintain, so I can get at ease everywhere. What is not to like?

Perfectly, I’ll notify you: it doesn’t make me search good.

Books, and let us be straightforward listed here, are a PR device. Like… have you ever actually go through a ebook? Me neither. Rather, I spend close to 12 several hours each and every day on public transportation keeping a duplicate of Gravity’s Rainbow so men and women definitely know just how smarter and a lot more appealing and cleverer I am than them.

You can not do that with a Kindle.

Anytime anyone seems at you making use of an ereader their initially however will be “NERD.” Which is not what I want. Not at all. I need to be seen as a swashbuckling Lord Byron, not a basement-dwelling incel like Elon Musk.

Here we achieve the crux of the problem: there are moments I want to use a Kindle. Like if I’m likely on holiday getaway. Or want to go through some ridiculous fantasy novel. Additionally, Infinite Jest is participating in havoc with my Vitamin D deficient wrist bones.

Luckily there is a solution, and it’s called the BookBook Kindle Paperwhite situation from Twelvesouth. Confuddled? Take a look: