August 13, 2022


Chapters You Must Focus on For Better Results in Board Exam

If you are about to sit for your board exams next year, you might be having the most challenging time trying to convince yourself to study all the time. We get it. Yes, it is a ‘been there done that’ kind of a situation. But this also means good news for you. Do you know why? That is because we know precisely what chapters are essential, and you need to focus on them for better results in your board exams. Moving charges and magnetism NCERT solutions are the most important of them all. So, why keep waiting? Let us get into these chapters and take you through the ultimate route of doing this the right way. 

Electric Charges And Fields 

This chapter is the foremost one you will need to study in your class 12 Physics exam apart from moving charges and magnetism NCERT solutions. It is divided into separate departments that will help you learn the subject more effectively without any hindrance. This chapter will learn about Coulomb’s law in vector form, electric field intensity on the equatorial line, and an axial line. There are many other things you will know about in this chapter as you continue to read. So, make sure you do it if you have to see what more you need to prepare for your exam

Electrostatic Potential And Capacitance 

This is another significant chapter apart from moving charges and magnetism NCERT solutions. In this chapter, you are sure to learn about many intricate electrostatic potentialities and point charges. You will also learn about the energy stored in a capacitor and more. That is why you need to start studying it thoroughly. Make sure you use different reference books, too, if you face any inconvenience. The best thing to do would be to get your hands on a good tutor. They will be able to help you study it more intricately without any hindrance. 

Current Electricity 

This chapter is not only the easiest but also the most scoring among all. Here, you are likely to learn about the potentiometer, the relation between current and drift velocity, and so much more. Students can also explore expressions for drift velocity for the best experience. This chapter must be the end game if you want to learn something by heart, along with moving charges and magnetism NCERT solutions. By focusing on all these genres, you are highly unlikely to have been left with anything for later. So, do not forget to revise it.

Magnetism And Matter 

Last but not least, moving charges and magnetism NCERT solutions need to be a part of all the other essential chapters we have mentioned above. Here, you are likely to learn about the current loop as a magnetic dipole and the properties of para. There is a lot more to learn in this chapter that a potential tutor may help you with.

The Bottom Line 

These chapters are the most crucial ones you need to study for your CBSE exams in class 12. So, do not forget to refer to your essential reference books and seek the help of a teacher when in need.