July 6, 2022



Arecibo radio telescope, an icon of astronomy, is misplaced

The Nationwide Science Foundation (NSF) will decommission Arecibo Observatory‘s significant radio dish soon after problems has created the facility too unsafe to repair, the company announced these days (Nov. 19).

The announcement arrived as scientists awaited a verdict about the fate of the iconic observatory immediately after injury to the sophisticated cabling supporting a 900-ton science system suspended in excess of the dish. In August, a cable slipped out of its socket, but engineers analyzing the problem considered it stable earlier this thirty day period, a next cable unexpectedly snapped, leaving Arecibo’s destiny much much more perilous. After looking at a few individual engineering studies, the NSF, which owns the home, has resolved the facility is unstable plenty of that there is no way to mend the hurt that does not set personnel at undue possibility.