July 6, 2022



Apple Envisions Long run Principles for MagSafe Accessories to involve an Software for AirPods & an iPad Wise Cover


On Oct 01, twelve times prior to the Iphone 12 party, Patently Apple posted a patent report on long run add-ons. A single of the foreseeable future extras touched on Iphone folios with magnets. Our claimed mentioned that “patent FIG. 1, the goal #126 is a magnet that emits an external magnetic discipline that is detectable by a magnetic field sensor. The accent unit may involve an inductive charging coil intended to offer power to the inside power supply 128, or other products of the accessory unit that need power.”



Yesterday, just times soon after the Iphone 12 function, a significantly extra descriptive add-ons patent was released by the US Patent & Trademark Place of work that demonstrates MagSafe in a clearer vogue, however it is really an extension of the Oct 01 Apple patent submitting.


Foreseeable future MagSafe Accessory Concepts  


Apple’s Patent FIG. 4 under illustrates a MagSafe accessory attached to the back again of an Iphone that offers a ability provide (#186) with an inductive charging module (#192) Patent FIGS. 2 and 5 illustrate a electricity provide covering the complete back again of an Apple iphone and inside a folio on the flap reverse the Iphone.


3 Apple MagSafe Accessory concepts


In Apple’s patent FIG. 7 underneath we see the ability supply on the outside of folio and FIG. 11 include both a ability source and an inductive charging module.


4 Magsafe accessory concepts


Apple’s patent FIGS. 13 and 14 underneath Apple illustrates two approaches that a MagSafe accent could accommodate AirPods.


5 MagSafe Accessories


And lastly, Apple’s patent FIGS. 15 and 16 beneath illustrate triple MagSafe Electrical power Offer strips additional to the inside of a long term Good iPad go over.


6 MagSafe iPad Cover Accessory with added power supply


Apple’s patent software variety 20200328605 that was published yesterday by the U.S. Patent Place of work was filed back Q3 2019. Thinking of that this is a patent software, the timing of new MagSafe equipment coming to sector is unfamiliar at this time.


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