February 4, 2023



Accessing scientific literature with just one click!

Accessing scientific literature with just one click!

Accessing scientific literature with just one click!

If you have tried to access academic literature online before, you would know how much time it can take to acquire just one source. Being constantly redirected from one website to another can be very frustrating. Fortunately, there is a solution to make this process a lot more bearable, namely Reprints Desk. This tool makes it possible to access your desired academic article in just one click. Reprints Desk wants scientific literature to be accessible and affordable, so that the information is open to anyone who needs it. 

Stop spending time: receive scientific literature fast and easy

On average, getting access to an academic article takes about 24 minutes. This is a very long time, but can be explained by all the walls you hit along the way. In most cases, you are asked to create an account, fill in your billing information, etcetera. All this information needs to be filled out before you can access the scientific literature you need. If you need multiple references, the search can take up hours. Yet, with Reprints Desk you can have any article you desire with just one click. It is as easy as that!

Furthermore, Reprints Desk lets you save money on articles where possible. The organization ensures that you obtain articles for the lowest price out here, so you will never pay more than necessary. Reprints Desk scans the entire internet to find the lowest pricing for you. 

How exactly does Reprints Desk work?

The functioning of Reprints Desk does sound promising, but how does it work exactly? For you, it is quite an easy process. All you have to do is create an account and fill in all necessary information. In a few minutes your account will be set up and you can start looking for scientific literature. Just access any discovery site, such as Google Scholar or PubMed. Have you found some journal articles that you would like to read? Reprints Desk will then grant you access and send you a PDF version of the article. The PDF is reusable and accessible at any time. 

Another great benefit is that you can easily manage your references after purchase. Good reference management is very important, as it lets you keep track of all acquired articles in an organized manner. In addition, good reference management prevents you from accidentally buying the same article twice. You will be notified by the reference management if you are about to purchase an article for the second time.